Melli B is an artist in the truest sense, he exudes passion for the creation of genuine music. He does not create songs, his lyrics, beats and melodic hooks are audio stories. Simply put: His songs are jewels for the ears, a gateway to an emotional experience.

Melli B is constantly writing and developing as an artist and rapper. His current releases include his new single "Shorty" and a Freestyle Promo track "Cover Story". He is currently in the studio working on his highly anticipated Freshman EP, set to release Spring 2016. Melli B will be going on a "Pride" 2016 Summer Tour, performing his debut hits along with records from his new EP. It will be the positive energy people crave to celebrate a life of being true to one's self and feeling sexy while doing it.

Melli B is currently taping with YBN Entertainment, as the newest cast member of the Docu-Series "The Circle NYC". His story line will present his rise and grind into the Hip Hop industry, as a "Out" Hip Hop Artist. Melli B attended the VH1 "Love and Hip Hop" Special "Out in Hip Hop" taping in NYC. Where he was apart of the conversation, Is Hip Hop Homophobic? and What it means to be "Out" in Hip Hop. 

Melli B is also doing guest hosting/appearances, performing at local NYC venues, interviewing with radio shows and his music is being featured on several scripted shows. Melli B is set to begin the year off with a performance at this years SXSW's very first Annual LGBT Artist stage "Pink Elephant" in Austin, Texas. With the premiere of the reality show "The Circle NYC" Season 2, the release of his Freshman EP and Summer Pride Tour; Melli B will be the rising and inspiring voice for the LGBTQ community in 2016. 

Melli B's prolific creativity stems from his cultural experiences from being born in the Bronx, raised in Rochester, NY and now returning to thrive in NYC. While growing up in Rochester, Melli B was attended the very prestigious School of the Arts (SOTA) where he majored in instrumental Trumpet in addition to studying music theory. His music sensibility is influenced by the great R&B artists of the late 90's and early 2000's from Usher and Brandy to Trina and Lil' Kim. His sound is deeply infectious and hypnotic, the melodies are smooth taking its listener to a very sexy place.

Melli B has been working as a producer, arranging and writing his own songs but last year saw a transition into rapping, yet another skill in his master arsenal of talent. His debut single “IG” is a collaboration with R&B singer Davi Akei. It tells the story about the personal assault from negative people on Instagram and social media and how petty people can be to a positive force they envy. This song inspired him to produce a music video to illustrate the song's potent story.

Melli B draws from his life experiences and relationships presenting an honest and unrelenting sincere voice from the community. He strides to be a beacon of excellence for his fellow LGBTQ brothers and sisters within hip hop's often hostile attitude towards open expression. His convictions, like his innate talent is unstoppable and will prove that authenticity is what people ultimately receive in their minds and hearts above all.

Truth is the Inspiration Behind My Music... My Life has been full of Drama, Typical but Untold...
— Melli B